• Chris Lake

The Good Things God Has Done

I’ve never looked more forward to a New Years’ Eve than this one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I have an incredible party to go to—not this year! No, it’s about turning the page on 2020. There has been too much disruption, pain, and loss that we’ve all experienced in so many ways—part of me just wants this year to be over, to put it in the rear view mirror, to forget it ever happened.

At the same time, those of us who trust in Christ know that He is sovereign. Though we can’t know all the reasons why He allows us to go through difficult days, we do know that whatever happens, He is in control. More than that, we know that He loves us, He is good, and that He works in all things for the good of His children.

So as I look back on this year, one question I’m asking myself is, “What are the good things God has done?” For me, there have been some distinct blessings that have come this year—blessings I am convinced would not have happened without the disruption of COVID-19: deeper relationships, fresh insights, new opportunities. Yes, there has been loss, but there have been incredible blessings too.

As I think about Vere, I look back and can clearly see His hand at work. In January, we were able to finish filming The Co-Missioned Church Course just a couple months before things shut down. In February, by God’s foresight and not our own, we started the first of three Zoom-based pastors’ roundtables. In April, God led us to our soon-to-be Communications Director, Diana Gruver, who has been life-giving in so many ways. In July, we received an unexpected gift that gave us a financial boost just when we needed it. And in the fall, God brought together all the people and pieces for our series Through the Valley. Along the way, we’ve been introduced to some amazing people who are living out their faith on their everyday frontlines, and remarkable pastors who are equipping them to do it well.

So as we anticipate what God has in store in 2021, my prayer is that we would take the lessons He has taught us to heart, and move forward with deeper confidence in Him. Jesus is still on the throne, and His timing is always perfect.

We have been able to carry on with our work this year because of the faithful generosity of people like you. We offer many of our resources, including our Co-Missioned Church Course and our Roundtables, for free, in order to be more accessible to pastors and churches.

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