• Ruth in Cambridge

A Glimpse of the Kingdom

One woman that I know truly want to live out her faith at her job. She works for the city of Cambridge, in a human resource role. It’s somewhat ironic, since the last thing Ruth would consider people is to be a ‘resource’. No, she sees the image of God in everyone, even the ones who are overlooked. She has a tough job - she has to select those folks who serve the city in roles that aren’t always that glamorous– roles for folks who keep the city clean. But Ruth is not just checking the box, doing a job for the paycheck. For her, it’s all about the people. For example, she has explained how in order to really understand what it’s like in these roles, she’s actually ‘shadowed’ the cleaners in the building. When she did that, she was surprised to learn that they all took their lunch break in a crammed, dingy stock room. She asked them why? Well, it was because they had nowhere else to go. Their job is to be invisible, so no one had thought about providing them a space. But Ruth didn’t find that acceptable. So she became an advocate for them. She was able to get funds released for them to have a nice space where they didn’t have to hide during lunch. It’s a small thing, yes, but it’s a glimpse of the Kingdom to the cleaners in Cambridge.