• Dennis Gill from Hope Community Church

My Frontline in Pleasentville

As a pastor I've come to realize that the Sacred Secular Divide is not a church issue but a pastor issue. The challenge for a pastor is that your profession becomes very much a part of your mental model and it becomes easy to know what to say to others. As pastors, we are paid to talk, so we can talk things but I have to wonder how often it really becomes a part of our lives. Let me illustrate. I live in a very pleasant community, on Pleasant Street where I walk with my wife. We walk a mile and a half every day down to a Pleasant Pond and then return home. It’s a very pleasant experience! Good exercise, Good communication with my wife. It’s a wonderful thing. But, I had never thought that was my frontline. I had been working with the frontline concept for a good year and hadn’t realized that I had a frontline. It was embarrassing. As pastors, it's important to realize that we do not necessarily have the mental models ourselves to put the frontline concepts into practice. We need others to help us realize that culture change and a mindset shift is very personal - it impacts our daily lives as well. Imagine is not just a program. It’s a perspective and a way of life.