• Jonathan Chechile from First Baptist Church of

A New Perspective

As part of the one degree shifts we've implemented, we’ve encouraged people to get involved in the community rather that doing more church programs.

One of the things our church got involved with was the Cub Scouts. We have Den Leaders, Pack Leaders and so forth. As a pastor, I don't have many frontlines but found this to be a good fit with my skill set. I became a Den leader, and realized it is a great frontline and unique and strategic place for me to serve. One of my favorite times was when the kids had to do the Duty to God honor badge. I was able to walk the group, which may never step into a church building, through the whole gospel. People were curious, inquisitive - It was a very unique opportunity.

The member of our church who serves as a Pack leader has really grown as a disciple through this role, because he’s really thinking about how to perform in that role as somebody who’s a follower of Christ and who’s using this opportunity to further the Kingdom.