• Boston - Medway Village

Scripture through a Frontline Lens

One church was looking for a way to teach their congregation how to read the Bible through a frontline lens. Taking advantage of an existing adult Sunday school class, they decided that once per month they would break up into groups of 3-4 people.

They invited the teens to participate as well as they value inter-generational learning and community. At each table, a designated leader facilitated a discussion of a particular passage, using the 'Reading Scripture for the Frontline' questions:

1. What does the text reveal about Jesus/God/the Gospel?

2. How does this shape our understanding of what it means to be a disciple?

3. Reading this in light of where we have been today/this week:

-What do I notice?

-How am I challenged?

-How does it shape me?

4. Thinking together about this passage makes me want to pray that…

5. In light of the passage, do we need to take any specific actions?

Group discussions were lively and took on fresh meaning using this framework. Folks who were newer in the faith saw how the Bible can impact their everyday lives. Those more familiar with Scripture were challenged in new ways. Everyone was learning from each other. This church has just begun, but they are already sensing God's leading and mission alignment in this new endeavor together.