• Dave Stratton from New Hope Christian Chapel

Curiosity is the New Humility

One pastor in our learning community decided that he wanted to hear what God was doing in and through their church. So he invited members of his congregation to an informal gathering at his home, with more than 20 people taking the offer. When they came, he and asked a really simple but profound question that isn’t often asked, “What is God doing in our church?” What followed was a wonderful discussion, an eye-opener of all the ways that God was already working in and through this local church. Afterwards, he sent out a thank you email to those who came, and included the list of all that they said. Amazingly, 45 specific items were listed!

What made this such a wonderful moment in the life of this particular congregation? First of all, the pastor was willing to invite these people into his home, and genuinely wanted to know what God was doing in their church. He told me later that his wife has a saying that he really likes, “Curiosity is the new humility.” In that vein, he didn’t pretend to know all the ways that God was working in and through his congregation, but he genuinely wanted to find out. And as he sat back and listened to these stories of how God is working in their lives, it became clear that the Holy Spirit was up to far more than any one of them had imagined.