• Boston

Heavenly Heirarchy

As a lawyer, there is a clear sense of social structure. However, as a Christian, I have worked to not let those divisions impact how I interact with others at my firm. And over the years, I had formed a friendship with our stockroom supply manager. It turned out that despite our very different roles at work, that we had many things in common because we are both ethnic minorities and had to struggle to rise up to where we are today.

Over time, as we chatted, he shared struggles; his concerns over racial bias at work and in the larger Boston community, as well as challenges at work with being asked to be more productive for minimal increases in compensation. In addition, he shared that he was a Christian, and even though we gather for worship in different settings, it reinforced to me that we are part of Christ's body. It’s this connection that transcends all of the other definitions of belonging to a group that we may be accustomed to (e.g., work title, marriage status, health status, socioeconomic status, etc.).

One day after he had shared a particular struggle, I offered to pray with him, as we stood in the office. We had been having more and more conversations about how similar we were as people despite our outward appearing differences. At that time, the country was involved in a divisive presidential election season, with people self-selecting into various groups. My initial prayer sprang from the idea that one might say that we were on opposite ends of the spectrum within the law firm culture, since I was an attorney and he was a stockroom supply manager. And opposites in the law firm hierarchy don't normally interact much. In such situations, being able to transcend the normal hierarchy is an essential witness for a believer, since we know that every human being is made in the image of God. This can be challenging to do at times and it is difficult to live out consistently. But as Christians, we are called to treat all people the same as image bearers of God and show the solidarity that comes through faith in Christ.