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Opportunities in the Everyday

Luke 19:45-48

I recently came to see this passage in a whole new way. Previously, I had imagined Jesus forcefully addressing the unjust practices of the moneychangers, then moving on to other things, but verse 47 tells us that “every day” after this, He continued to teach in the temple courts. In other words, for the final week of His life, Jesus actually took over the temple, restoring the original intent of the temple to connect people to God.

As a therapist, I am always praying before going into a family’s home that God will use me in some way, but I felt the need to pray even more so one particular day. At the end of a visit, one member of this family asked me about what I was doing that weekend. I mentioned a worship event I was going to be part of and she began asking me questions about my faith and Jesus. She even recalled a movie about Jesus she had seen as a child and stated, “didn’t they do something to His body?” pointing to her arm. As I answered her questions, I felt like a cross-cultural missionary explaining the Christian message to someone who had never fully heard it before. In the remaining time I worked with this family, I continued to pray that they would be set free from the false religion they followed and, like the temple in Jerusalem, be restored to their original purpose of worshiping the true God.