• Boston

Blessings in a Dark Place

Biological research can be a dark place. It can be dark because of the vast, uncharted territory that we just don’t understand yet. It can be dark because of, paradoxically, a prevailing overreliance on visual observation in the present. For many, it’s a place without God because He can’t be found using the venerated instruments of science. For a Christian today, it can be an uncomfortable place, governed and occupied by people who don’t worship God. This is one reason why I’m a biologist. Like Abraham, I have been called to live in a land that is not my own (Genesis 12:1,4-6). Like Abraham, I have been called to build/grow things and sacrifice them along the way (v.7-8). Like Abraham, I have encountered hardship and detours (v.10), and have made mistakes along the way (v.11-16). Yet all territory is God’s, and at times, for no apparent reasons, He blesses me, and those around me, in ways I never imagined (v.2-3), turning my mistakes to my benefit in the end (v.17-20).