• Chris Lake

Commissioning Process

Following the completion of a 7 week class focussed on the concepts of Imagine Church and Fruitfulness on the Frontlines and filling-out a Personal Mission Plan, church members had the option to be commissioned during a Sunday service. They received a pin as a reminder that they are commissioned into their daily lives to live for the Kingdom.

Personal Mission Plan Questions

1) What are your Frontlines?

2) How does your identity as a Christian influence your daily life?

3) What are ways (small or subtle) that we all perpetrate the sacred-secular divide?

4) What is the first 1 degree shift you could make to impact your Frontlines for the Kingdom of God? (e.g. a seemingly small change that could have an oversized impact)

5) How can you participate in advancing the Kingdom of God on your Frontlines?

6) How can you worship God on your Frontlines?

7) What issues do you struggle with on your Frontline? How can the Body of believers help you accomplish/support your Frontline mission?

8) What is your ‘story’ of how God led you to your current Frontlines?

9) Would you like to be commissioned as a Missional Professional? If so, Why?


Commissioning Challenge and Response:

Leader: As the Spirit enables you, will you seek to honor God in your life and work; worship Him by your conduct; live and work with integrity and excellence; committing to live missionally in your 110 hours; and will you be prepared to give an answer for the reason for your hope in Christ; seeking to impact your world and further the Kingdom of God in the places that you live and work?

Commissioned: I will.