Our pastors' roundtables are designed for pastors who want to grow as disciples and disciplers. Roundtables are led by our Executive Director, Chris Lake, or another of our Vere Institute colleagues. They meet virtually once a month for a time of sharing, reflection, discussion, and prayer. If you are a pastor interested in entering a community of fellow pastors to learn and grow together, then joining a Roundtable might be for you.

Our next Pastors' Roundtable cohort will begin meeting January 2021.


If you're interested in joining us, please complete the inquiry form below. 


During our Roundtable discussions, we will focus on issues important to pastors who believe their core vocation is to disciple people for all of life. Some possible discussion topics include: 

  • Embedding whole life discipleship in sermons and worship services

  • Encouraging spiritual formation in the context of everyday life

  • Training congregations how to share the gospel verbally

  • Building authentic friendships with Christians and non-Christians

  • Empowering small group leaders with a missional mindset


How large are the groups? 

We try to limit each roundtable group to 5 participants to promote good conversation. 

How much does it cost to participate? 

We are currently offering our Pastors' Roundtables free of charge to make them more accessible to pastors. 

What's the time committment? 

Groups meet once a month for six months, and each meeting lasts about 90 minutes.

Where do Roundtables meet? 

Roundtable groups meet virtually using Zoom. This allows us to include pastors from a wider geographical radius. You can join the call from your home, office, or a local coffeeshop. 

How are the Roundtable structured? 

Though each meeting may vary slightly, as we consider the questions or concerns we each bring, our Roundtable sessions typically involved four elements:  

  • Checking in together

  • Sharing from our short assigned readings

  • Prayer and Reflection

  • Takeaways and Next Steps

When do the Roundtables begin? 

The next Roundtable cohort will begin meeting January 2021.

How do I know if a Pastor's Roundtable is right for me? 

Are you a pastor? Are you committed to cultivating whole-life disciples in your church context? Are you willing to commit your time and energy to growing and learning with other pastors? Then, we invite you to join one of our Roundtable cohorts. 


To create a healthy learning environment and promote strong relationships, we ask that you commit to make every effort to participate in every call. We understand that you may be busy, so if you aren't in a season to make this time commitment, we recommend you wait until our next session of Roundtables, and explore some of our other resources. 


If you're interested in joining one of our Pastors' Roundtables, please complete the form below. We'll be in touch soon!


"Loneliness and isolation are always a part of pastoral ministry. So gathering (even virtually) and being encouraged is extremely valuable and healthy." 

"A real encouragement to continue this work with some helpful grounding in practical applications, along with professional and personal relationship building." 

"I loved getting to know some other servants of Christ from other parts of the country and discerning how to lead and minister together even in our different places both geographically and contextually." 

"It was good to hear how other pastors were processing the topics, not in a technical way but in a heart transforming way."

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