Coming Soon: The Co-Missioned Church: Following Jesus on the Frontlines of Life

Have you ever looked at the people sitting next to you on a Sunday, and wondered, “Where they will be this time tomorrow?”  While the pews will be empty Monday morning, the church is still the church, but it’s no longer gathered – it’s scattered!


In this 4-part video series, we’ll encounter churches who take seriously what happens when they are gathered on Sunday, as well as what happens when they are scattered throughout the week. In each episode, we’ll have a conversation with church leaders, exploring the way that they see to the principles and practices they use to empower believers to live fruitfully for Christ throughout the week.


We’ll also meet everyday Christians, discovering how they are seeking to live out their faith in the locations God sends them—on their everyday Frontlines. How do they take what they learn on Sunday, and apply it in these places? 


These aren’t stories about church programs, they’re stories about real people who have embraced the call of Jesus over ALL of life.  Churches where Frontliners are equipped to serve, encouraged to love, and blessed to bless, the people that they meet in everyday life.