February 24th
February 21st


An Imagine on the Road day is an opportunity to explore lessons learned about how a church can begin the journey towards whole-life discipleship.  In February, these session will be conducted with LICC's Neil Hudson and Vere Institute's Chris Lake.  Blending input with group discussion, the goal is that by the end of the day-long session pastors and lay leaders will leave with a renewed vision for their congregations.   We will explore not only the biblical foundations of whole-life discipleship, but also share some of the practical tools that have been applied in churches of various sizes and denominations in the UK, and now more recently in the US.  We will conclude by offering a framework for moving forward, with some practical suggestions to consider as these principles are applied in your own unique context.


8:30    Registration

9:00    Vision for Whole-Life Disiple Making

10:15   Break

10:30   Developing a Whole-Life Disiple Making Culture

12:00   Lunch

12:45   Group Excercise

1:15     Whole=Life Ministry

2:00    Break

2:15     Reflecting Together

2:45     Next Steps

3:15     Prayer and Commission

3:30    Conclusion

Neil Hudson

Imagine Project Director


Chris Lake

Executive Director

Vere Institue


For example, we will explore the implications for leaders who want to move towards this vision.  How have these concepts played in real-world settings?  How does it begin, and how can it be sustained over the long-haul?  And what is the best thing to do first to get this off the ground?


While individuals are of course more than welcome, the impact can be multiplied if leaders come with at least one other individual from their own church.  The cost for the day is $45. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.