November 19, 2020

Jason Gaboury says he’s wrestled with loneliness his whole life. He felt this sense of disconnection in a particularly powerful way when he was in his mid-thirties, with two young kids at home, doing campus ministry. His home was in a “constant state of relational connection,” but he still felt lonely.

“My assumption was that if I was lonely, there was something wrong with me,” he says. “A lot of people assume that. They assume...

November 12, 2020

Fifteen years ago, I sat on a waiting room couch, frozen in fear as the doctor delivered devastating news.

“The little girl’s daddy, he’ll be okay. The recovery will be long, but he’ll survive.” Time held its breath as my reality began to shift. “But the little girl? She’s not going to survive.”

A few hours earlier, firefighters battled a blaze that engulfed our home, destroying everything. My youngest daughter and her daddy wer...

November 4, 2020

As I'm writing this, it's still October. I'm sitting on the other side of the election than you are today. Still stuck in the campaigning, the uncertainty, the pre-election rhetoric.

When you read this, the election will be in the past tense. The votes will have been cast. And (Lord willing) the results will be in. Some of you will be rejoicing and relieved. Some of you will be mourning, angry, or afraid. Those feelings will co...

October 29, 2020

It is clearly evident that we are living in polarized and polarizing times. Christians in America find themselves facing several converging issues at once: the fray of an election season, ongoing conversations about the need for racial justice, all while continuing to navigate a pandemic. What are disciples of Jesus to do in the face of polarization and contention? How does the Kingdom of God shape the way we live in such a co...

October 22, 2020

Every time Sam Kim sees something horrible happen to his African-American brothers and sisters, it immediately brings back the racial trauma he’s experienced. He’s transported to the first time he remembers being called by racial slurs, to being chased through the streets of Chicago, to hearing his parents laughed at and taunted. This trauma has continued, even after living and working in the United States for decades, even af...

October 14, 2020

There have been public pronouncements that systemic racism doesn’t exist, and the reality and pain expressed by the oppressed are not real. Despite this, there’s documented evidence of the disparity in income, housing, education, COVID-19 deaths, police profiling, brutality in Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color. As I consider the denialists, I read in Jeremiah 6:14, “They have treated the wounds of my people car...

October 8, 2020

In a time when he was struggling personally, someone came up to Drew Thurman after his sermon and said, “I just wish I had your faith.” He says, “I was dying inside, but they equated the fact that I was on a platform, with theological training, presenting the Word in a way that stirred them with a certain spiritual status.” It became a paradigm he knew he had to shake, but not only because he wanted to embrace a vision of whol...

October 1, 2020

Does God care about our politics? How do we grapple with politics through a discipleship lens? And what role does a pastor play in this process? This is something Jonathan Romig has reflected on as a part of his pastoral ministry.

The first need in connecting whole-life discipleship and politics, Jonathan says, is a self-awareness of how our politics shape us spiritually. “When you turn on cable news or that podcast, you are be...

September 22, 2020

I whispered the words to myself in the dark: "The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want." They came easy and familiar to my mind, and I could feel my heart and breathing still as I repeated them. They were the reminder I needed. They were a prayer anchored in God's character: "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me." What a promise—God's abiding presence with His...

September 17, 2020

It has been a privilege and delight to share the stories of Equippers and Frontliners with you over the last several weeks. As I've sat down (virtually) with each of these brothers and sisters to hear what faithful discipleship looks like in their own context, I've been repeatedly encouraged.

This is part, I believe, of why we need to hear stories like the ones we've been sharing this summer. It's not only about learning from e...

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