What We're Here For


The Vere Institute empowers church leaders to cultivate whole life disciples of Christ for everyday Kingdom impact.


We believe this can be done best in the context of authentic relationships.


We will come alongside pastors and lay leaders to:

  • Awaken a missional imagination with one-day workshops and weekly emails

  • Equip church leadership teams with online courses and resources

  • Encourage pastors with one-on-one coaching and roundtables 


Philosophy: We are convinced that Jesus is King of all, and that He desires to see His Kingdom extend into every nook and cranny of this world. He has co-missioned His followers, the church, to represent Him as a ‘Kingdom of priests’ in the everyday places He sends us throughout the week.


"We've seen more change and growth in the last year, the last six months, than we've seen in the previous three or four years."

- Pastor, Imagine Learning Community

"It's a way of changing your church culture that has the potential to really revolutionize your ministry."

- Lay Leader, Imagine Learning Community

"I would encourage anyone who wants to see a change in their ministry, a change in their church, a change in their people, to be involved in something like this."

- Pastor, Imagine Learning Community

"It has caused me to think differently about how we communicate our role in God's mission to people who come through our doors, believers as well as non-­believers."

- Pastor, Imagine on the Road

"I haven't found anything that more effectively communicates what it means to follow Jesus on a day-to-day basis in every aspect of your life."

- Pastor, Imagine Learning Community

"It's about being a whole life disciple, in the workplace, in your neighborhood, at home, wherever you happen to be."

- Lay Leader, Imagine Learning Community

"It exceeded my expectations. I was hoping it would be practical, but I walked away more encouraged than I thought I would be by the ministry philosophy and practices that I could begin to instill immediately."

- Pastor, Imagine on the Road