Diagnostics are designed to provide churches with anonymous feedback from their congregations and within their church leadership.  The Vere Institute will compile the results (via Wufoo) for each church anonymously and then aggregate for the entire learning community.

Whole-Life Discipleship Survey

Churches can sometimes find challenging to know how to evaluate how they are doing when it comes to fulfilling their calling to make disciples.  There are traditional ways, such as attendance, finances, or staff, but these simple metrics do not provide a complete picture. The whole-life discipleship survey you will find at the below link is intended to you’re your church a better understanding of how well they are equipping their congregations to live as followers of Christ in every aspect of their lives. The responses will be anonymous, and when collected with responses from other members of your church, it will provide a picture of where a particular church is at when it comes to equipping whole-life disciples.

Who: Entire Church

When: Pre-Imagine Learning Community

Type: Anonymous

Time: 10 minutes